How to use "embedded" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "embedded" in popular movie and book plots

  • The secret of the island is revealed to be a meteorite embedded in the glacier, certainly uniquely valuable—perhaps even alive in some way.  - Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow
  • Elmira loses the election yet again to Clara, who then draws from her purse a voodoo doll with several tacks embedded in it.  - Dandelion Wine
  • As the embedded story of Lena and Bill begins to resolve, the film crew and director Sjöman are featured more.  - I Am Curious (Yellow)
  • Here they find a stone axe-head embedded in an old chimney.  - Red Shift (novel)
  • He dies as they have sex in view of the aliens, with a crystal embedded in his head.  - Liquid Sky
  • After engaging the Demon Bear in battle once more, Ghost Rider realizes the demon is reacting to pain caused by a dagger embedded in its body.  - X-Force
  • They were captured and cursed with the magical bonds embedded on their arms; the characters' quest is to get rid of them.  - Curse of the Azure Bonds
  • He resists and shoots the massive computer embedded in the ceiling causing the AI hologram of Eva to malfunction.  - Memories (1995 film)
  • The Einstein Universe is embedded in a high-dimensional manifold, called Hyperspace.  - Perry Rhodan
  • Winnie is embedded waist-deep in a low mound under blazing light, with a large black bag beside her.  - Happy Days (play)
  • On the other hand, he has become so embedded in Burma that it is impossible for him to leave and return to England.  - Burmese Days
  • One of the boys stumbles and falls into the lake, where he finds a rusty sword embedded in a stone.  - Secret of Mana
  • There is an orb embedded into the ground that begins projecting the image of Johnny's mother.  - Haunted Castle (2001 film)
  • The sword holds the Eye of Thundera, the source of the ThunderCats's power, which is embedded in the hilt.  - ThunderCats (1985 TV series)
  • They find a hidden message embedded within the tape saying "frolic in brine, goblins be thine".  - Ring (film)
  • Underwater, Hooper retrieves a sizable great white shark's tooth embedded in the submerged hull.  - Jaws (film)

Meaning of "embedded" in English

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Meaning of "embedded" in Hindi

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