How to use "eradicate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "eradicate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Since the point of the invasion was to harness these beings, not eradicate them, the Dominator is imprisoned by his own government.  - Invasion! (DC Comics)
  • Their mission is to eradicate the Zambouli people so their territory will be open for strip-mining.  - Sheena (film)
  • Her task is to eradicate the evil monsters and the source of their production, a "silver star" that has crashed to Earth.  - Alisia Dragoon
  • He plans to eradicate any trace of the Doctor from time and space, so he may be free to rebuild the cosmos as he pleases.  - Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors
  • While exploring the Complex, Zak encounters more than Cartel soldiers, as he is forced to eradicate the Complex scientists experimental virus.  - Cyberia (video game)
  • In fact colonel Ezekial's men use GM killer bees to eradicate the tribes.  - Flying Virus
  • Malcolm tells Adrienne about a ritual that can eradicate the demon.  - Phantasmagoria (video game)
  • Suddenly, the lizards glide to the ground, where they start to eradicate pigeons in Springfield.  - Bart the Mother
  • The Center sends Aleph and Beth on missions across Tokyo Millennium to eradicate demons and prepare the world for the Thousand-Year Kingdom.  - Shin Megami Tensei II
  • Stephen is unsuccessful—he takes measure after measure to stop them, but he is never able to eradicate all of them.  - The New Breed (The Outer Limits)
  • The machine evermind Omnius is continuing with his plans to eradicate all humans in the universe.  - Dune: The Battle of Corrin
  • They find Viktor's forgotten virus source disk (Plague) and apply an anti-virus program to eradicate the computer virus.  - Simone (2002 film)
  • Mark later learns of the city's plan to eradicate Freddy and realizes they've nullified it.  - Freddy vs. Jason
  • Shortly after arrival, Rand's companions are killed by Rahvin, and Rand attempts to eradicate Rahvin in Tel'aran'rhiod.  - The Fires of Heaven
  • During the Shaman Fight, Yoh encounters Hao Asakura, a strong shaman who wishes to eradicate humans and create a world for shamans.  - Shaman King
  • After returning home, Jack infects all his children with the phage to eradicate the potential nanobot infestation.  - Prey (novel)

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