How to use "escalate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "escalate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Nick attempts to step in on one such occasion, only for it to escalate into a physical confrontation.  - The Invisible (film)
  • Amen's election marks the first stage in a series of events that escalate tensions between Texark and the Church.  - Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
  • Words soon escalate into a shoving match, and they wind up sliding down the mountainside.  - The Ascent (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Varied events soon escalate in violence.  - Cool and the Crazy
  • The Russians believe the attack was orchestrated by the Americans and the situation threatens to escalate into war.  - Godzilla 1985
  • The battle continues to escalate and Flat is killed when the L-Gaim Mk-II falls on her.  - Heavy Metal L-Gaim
  • Meanwhile, political tensions escalate as an oil embargo leaves the country in an energy crisis.  - Sleeping Dogs (film)
  • However, he gradually allows the situation to escalate in the military's favor.  - Trial by Fire (The Outer Limits)
  • Tensions escalate between the older and more stable "Inner Colonies" and the remote "Outer Colonies", leading to civil war.  - Halo (series)
  • On Earth, tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union escalate to a state of war.  - 2010 (film)
  • Tensions escalate between the two camps, resulting in the murder of Tunstall.  - Young Guns (film)
  • Richie's tensions with Tony escalate throughout Season 2.  - Richie Aprile
  • The failures escalate until Medieval World's Black Knight robot kills a guest in a swordfight.  - Westworld (film)
  • Ryder bursts into Perelman's office and proceeds to berate him until his implied threats escalate to explicit ones.  - A Mind Forever Voyaging
  • Several months pass with diplomatic tensions continuing to escalate between theS.  - Tora! Tora! Tora!
  • The Soviets believe the attack was perpetrated by the Americans, and a diplomatic crisis ensues, which threatens to escalate into nuclear war.  - The Return of Godzilla

Meaning of "escalate" in English

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Meaning of "escalate" in Hindi

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