How to use "evolution" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "evolution" in popular movie and book plots

  • He no longer desires anything and seeks to follow moment by moment the evolution of life in him and the things that surround him.  - One, No One and One Hundred Thousand
  • The lectures focus on mankind's place in the process of evolution and the possible biological and intellectual future of humanity.  - Golem XIV
  • It controls human evolution by rapidly evolving the next generation while in the womb, leading to speciation.  - Darwin's Radio
  • Canton theorises that the creatures are an extreme evolution of the Ottoia which liquefy their victims and then eject the carcass.  - Deep Rising
  • Harry learns about Voldemort's family and his foe's evolution into a murderer obsessed not only with power, but with gaining eternal life.  - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Due to an unknown cosmic event, listed in "phases", ants have undergone rapid evolution and developed a hive mind.  - Phase IV
  • Once the seed is planted, they let evolution run its course while they go to other worlds.  - Prey (2006 video game)
  • Analysis of the monsters reveals that they are created by accelerated evolution of bacteria and viruses.  - The Sirens of Time
  • Riker argues that it may just be the course of evolution taking place.  - Angel One
  • Due to their unique evolution without sound the holy men were incapable of describing these experiences to the rest of their race.  - The Owl in Daylight
  • For his heroics, Jak is offered the chance to evolve into a Precursor, however Veger intervenes and takes the evolution for himself.  - Jak 3
  • On the brink of death he is taken in by a young woman doctor and used as a guinea pig for the next evolution of Texhnolyze.  - Texhnolyze
  • This evolution follows naturally from the character's situation.  - The Black Adder
  • Ishmael goes on to point out that by living in the hands of the gods, man is subject to the conditions under which evolution takes place.  - Ishmael (novel)
  • Meanwhile, Emily and her second husband sell her pottery designs to Eldritch and use the payment to undergo evolution therapy.  - The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
  • Thankful, Schala muses on evolution and the struggle of life and returns Serge to his home, noting that he will forget the entire adventure.  - Chrono Cross

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