How to use "excess" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "excess" in popular movie and book plots

  • He sprays flour all around their body and washes the excess blood by taking a shower.  - Public Enemy (2002 film)
  • Karin stopped producing excess blood (and being a vampire altogether) after Sophia moved from Karin to Kenta during her last bite.  - Chibi Vampire
  • Leo jests by selling an excess of shares and embezzling the funds, a flop could generate up to $2 million.  - The Producers (2005 film)
  • He realizes that if her energy excess continues to go unchecked, it will result in a catastrophic explosion.  - Time Bomb (Angel)
  • Vash and Quark auction the artifacts and the crystal receives bids in excess of one thousand bars of.  - Q-Less
  • He gets rid of his excess change by dropping it down the gutter by his house, and he puts his bills in the garbage disposal, each week.  - Everything's Eventual (novella)
  • Cartman becomes extremely fat from the product, although he believes he is in excellent shape and the excess weight is strictly muscle.  - Weight Gain 4000
  • The moral of the story is not that saying "shit" in itself is wrong but saying it in excess leads to boredom with the word.  - It Hits the Fan
  • The Father's preferred means of transport is Gabriel, a repainted and revamped 1917-issue Ford Model T that can travel at speeds in excess of.  - The Secret Service
  • The camera then fades to that location and the ship appears, drifting towards the camera, heavily damaged and crackling with excess radiation.  - Descent II
  • He orders him to create a larger production run of aircraft than originally intended, with the excess being sent on to Shiwan Khan.  - The Golden Master
  • TMCM rarely sleeps and his nerves are shot from an excess of caffeine.  - Too Much Coffee Man
  • The Warlock, whose actual name is both unknown and unpronounceable, is a powerful sorcerer in excess of 200 years of age.  - The Magic Goes Away
  • Mary marries King Louis and encourages him to drink to excess and be active so that his already deteriorating health worsens.  - The Sword and the Rose
  • With the aid of a scientist, the Vision drains the excess radiation from Mar-Vell.  - Kree-Skrull War
  • Ridolfi optimistically estimated half of all English peers were Catholic and could muster in excess of 39,000 men.  - Ridolfi plot

Meaning of "excess" in English

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Meaning of "excess" in Hindi

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