How to use "exposure" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "exposure" in popular movie and book plots

  • Sisko and filing a formal protest, risking the exposure of the entire plan.  - In the Pale Moonlight
  • He is found three days later, lying in a ditch and suffering from exposure to the elements.  - Wise Blood
  • Sam is convicted and sentenced to death by exposure to lethal gas.  - The Chamber (novel)
  • The survivors are turned into impassive dedicated fighting machines with no exposure to or understanding of the outside world.  - Soldier (1998 American film)
  • The crew have been treated for exposure to the time-travel area, but Silbad is dying.  - Les Maîtres du temps
  • Doctor Phlox determines that 12–15 minutes exposure will kill the crew.  - Zero Hour (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • She is arrested for indecent exposure as the chasers arrive and demand the others be arrested.  - On the Town (musical)
  • Tremendous physical trauma, such as extended exposure to the sun, will take a longer time to heal.  - The Vampire Chronicles
  • At his lowest point, exposure renders him blind and unable to catch fish.  - Life of Pi
  • In the time of Crystal Chronicles, this world is covered in a noxious gas known as "miasma", to which direct exposure can prove fatal.  - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
  • She makes plutonium fuel rods for nuclear reactors, where she deals with the threat of exposure to radiation.  - Silkwood
  • After her exposure to hardened criminals and sadistic prison guards, Marie actually urges Kitty on.  - Caged
  • The rifle suddenly ages – showing the effects of more than 100 years of exposure to the sun, it falls to pieces at their touch.  - A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
  • Since the Zentradi's exposure to culture and to Lynn Minmay's songs, some of them become eager to join the humans.  - The Super Dimension Fortress Macross
  • Unfortunately, by the time they can get back to him, Roderigues has died due to the exposure of the elements (freezing to death).  - Battleground (film)
  • After Nick risks exposure yet again in one of these places, they move to the least known one, a town called Precipice.  - The Shockwave Rider

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