How to use "extension" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "extension" in popular movie and book plots

  • The following evening, the police allow Xavier an extension till midnight to apprehend the killer.  - Doctor X (film)
  • The Timewyrm accepts, but the Doctor's lantern was really an extension of the TARDIS forcefield which he uses to repel the Timewyrm.  - Timewyrm: Exodus
  • John and Marie have only $5,000, and government regulations prohibit extension of credit for the procedure.  - The Trade-Ins
  • Jasmine reaches Faith only to find out her 'little sister' was an illusion used to lure Jasmine, and by extension Lief, into the Shadowlands.  - Deltora Quest 2
  • Buffy discovers the extension of Spike's lair underground and a shrine dedicated to herself.  - Crush (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Raziel chooses to spare Kain, causing a paradox; history reshuffles itself to accommodate the extension of Kain's life.  - Soul Reaver 2
  • He sees a billboard for a school offering extension courses.  - C.E.D'oh
  • The figure is no longer in the tunnel, and is revealed to be an extension of the Kanohi Ignika.  - Bionicle Legends
  • The dean's assistant helps Kid with an extension and a job in the dining hall.  - House Party 2
  • Madame Egelichi listens on the extension as Faustino declares that there are plenty of sardines at the theater, and she goes there at once.  - Love Happy
  • Tommy opens an extension for his religious compound, calling it "Tommy's Holiday Camp".  - Tommy (1975 film)
  • Since Josh's books were destroyed in the exploded car, he calls his professor to ask for an extension on his midterm exam.  - Road Trip (film)
  • ” Faced with disenrollment due to unpaid tuition, Van seeks a payment extension as a favor from Deloris, the registrar.  - Van Wilder
  • Workers building an extension to the London Underground at Hobbs End dig up skeletal remains.  - Quatermass and the Pit (film)
  • The ship is literally an extension of the pilot within.  - Escape Velocity Nova
  • She hears the extension downstairs click.  - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (novel)

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